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Creative Kids Daycare 
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Fire drills will be practiced, at this time will explain and practice the drill by crawling out a door. Prior to exiting through the door, we will talk about touching it to determine whether it is hot or not. We will then teach if Hot... to look for another exit (window, etc.). 911 will be explained and practiced. We encourage that you reinforce this at home. Evacuation and safety plan: In case of a fire we have several ways to exit. In case of an earthquake we have our food and supplies in the garage. You will need to purchase an earthquake kit; this will remain with us until your child is withdrawn.

During an Emergency: The alarm will be given and the children will respond as practiced in the drills.
The provider will immediately account for all children.
If the home is damaged or not deemed safe, everyone will evacuate the home through the safest exit.  If the home is safe, we will remain in the house until all children are picked up by an authorized person.
All parents/ Guardians will be contacted by telephone, if possible.

If we must evacuate to an alternate site, a note will be posted near the home (on the front door)  In the event you could not be contacted.

Stacey’s cell phone (650) 465-0139
Robert’s cell phone (650) 465-1699 

Areas for shelter:
Mckinley Institute of Technology 
400 Duane Street Redwood City  Ca 94062

Hawes Elementary School 
909 Roosevelt Avenue Redwood City Ca 94061

Discipline and Complaints

At Creative Kids Day Care Discipline will be positive guidance. Your child (ren) will learn what appropriate behavior is, what is expected of them, and what will help your child (ren) grow and learn to be able to control their own behavior. Children need adults to teach and help them to develop self-control, and self esteem. 

*I will have realistic limits, I will always explain why, and stay consistent and organized.

* Rules will be kept simple, and I will explain how their behavior can affect others.

*I will give sufficient time to comply with requests. 

*I will notice proper behavior, and give positive encouragement.

*I will give hugs, and show love and tenderness.

*I will be firm, yet gentle. I will control and guide behavior without physical or verbal punishment.

*I encourage appropriate expression of children’s feelings.

*I will encourage problem solving; using words helps them to come to their own conclusions.

*COMPLAINTS:  WE agree to arrange a time to discuss any complaints, questions, or concerns regarding your child’s care. We will work on problem solving that will benefit you, your child and us. 

Table of content
hand book
Contact Us
Daycare openings

Illness & Medication

You must give us a copy of each child’s immunization record before the first day of childcare. This is a State Law

Records must be updated annually

In case of illness it is parent’s sole responsibility to contact your physician. 

If your child becomes ill during the day, you will be notified. If your child has a fever above 100F you will need to come pick them up.

You must inform us if your child has been on any kind of medication during the night, weekend or morning before care.

You must inform us if your child has been ill during the night or on the weekend.

We will care for a child who is


Minor cold

Minor teething 

Temperature 100f and below

 We will care for children with minor teething/ pain or illnesses such as a minor cold, with a temperature below 100f, and children who have had no temperature for 24 hours WITHOUT the aid of medication.

Any of the following symptoms and any contagious illness

When you are notified that your child is ill, you are expected to pick up your child IMMEDIATELY. The child will be separated from the other children if any of the following symptoms develop:

Diarrhea ( loose, watery, mucous-filled stool)


Pink eye or conjunctivitis ( child may return after treated 24 hours)


Any Contagious illess 

When a child has had a serious accident or disease

When a child has a problem breathing

When a child has convulsions or becomes unconscious

When a child experiences severe pain or discomfort

When a child is to too sick to participate in the daily routine

When a teething child can not be comforted within reasonable time

When a child’s cold symptoms is severe and is unhealthy for other children “includes runny nose non stop or when sneezing snot comes out.”


I do not administer any medication for any reason here at Creative Kids Daycare. 
If your child needs medication while present parent must come to administer to their child.

Re admission after illness: your child may return when:

Fever is absent for 24 hours without fever reducing medication.

Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea has subsided for 24 hours

Three doses of antibiotic have been given over a 24-hour period for known strep or ear infections.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) has been treated with proper medication for 24 hours.

Child completes the contagious stage of illness.

Child feels well enough to participate in the daily daycare activities.

Sign InView Entries


 The following forms must be complete before your child enters my care.

1. Physicians Report 
2. Identification and Emergency Information
3. Notification of Parents Rights
4. Notification of Personal Rights
5. Child Pre-admission Health History-Parents report
6. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
7. Parents Financial Responsibilities and Admission Agreement
8. Immunization Records Immunization Records
9. CCFP Food Program Enrollment Form
10. Immunization Records Immunization Records
11. Contract 

Must be kept current phone numbers and addresses so please remember to notify me if there are any changes. Each child’s immunization must be kept up-to-date. A record of these will be kept in each child’s file.


Make all Checks payable to Stacey Quezada

  Tuition is 

Full time for infants newborn - 2 years
$475.00 (Monday - Friday)

Part time for infants $110.00 (Daily basis)

Hourly $20.00 hourly if available


For children 2 to 5 years of age

 Preschool 2 year - 5 years of age

Preschool 8:00 - 6:00 Monday - Friday $400.00 5 days a week

Part time  $100.00 (Daily Basis) 

Enrollment Fee

Current enrollment fee means the opening is currently available: There is an enrollment fee of $100.00.This fee is nonrefundable and not used towards their tuition. This is strictly an enrollment fee. 

1. Parents I get paid for all contracted services. No exceptions.

2.There is a deposit required prior to your child’s first day of care. The deposit is equal to your child’s bi- weekly schedule.  This deposit is nonrefundable. This deposit will be used during the last 2 weeks of care. If you withdrawal your child from my care without proper 60 day notice any paid balances will not be refunded to you. 

3. Tuition is due every two weeks.  First payment for childcare services is due on the first day of service.
I Prefer to be paid through Electric payments. PayPal is my preferred method of payment. 

4. Full payment for contracted hours will be received wheather or not your child (ren) attends.

5. A $35.00 charge will be assessed for any returned check. The second time a check is returned will require payment to be made on a cash only basis.

6. A fee in the amount of $25.00 for daycare payment that is received past the scheduled due date will be charged. 

7. Parents are required to provide the daycare with diapers and wipes on a regular basis. If your child runs out of diapers/wipes the daycare will purchase them and will be reimbursed by the parents by the next schedule payment.

  Hours Of child cares

Current hours: Creative Kids Daycare is open at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

Overtime charges: You have a grace period of 5 mintues at 6:05 you will be charged $1.00 per minute until your child is picked up.

Holidays and Vacation Times

Child care services are not available on the following days listed:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
President’s day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus day
Veterans Day 
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve through New years

(7) Paid personal days

(1) Week paid vacation will be taken each year and will be announced within 30 days prior to the date.

The above dates will be announced within 30 days prior to the date in question. Expect for personal days will be taking as needed for personal reasons.  

If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday I may choose Monday or Friday for that paid holiday

Vacation and holiday schedule is from January 1- December 31 of each year

Mission trips include the duration of the trip and preparation for the trip  
or  Local Mission work annoucned as at least 14 days in advance.

Local Mission work shall not exceed 5 days per year 

Contagious Sickness: If a daycare child becomes ill and has a contagious illness: i.e.” H1n1, Swine flu MRSA and requires me to close for cleaning beyond my control parents are responsible for their child’s tuition. This is a health and safety issue and closer is necessary for cleaning.  

Parents Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to notify me no later than 6:00 a.m. on the morning that your child will not be attending.

You must give at least two- (2) month (60 days) written notice if you are planning to withdraw your child from Creative Kid’s Day care. 

I must have prior written authorization from you for someone other than yourself to pick up your child. Persons other than yourself must have proper identification before your child will be released into their custody.

Note for separated /divorced parents or Guardians: it is legal for either parent to pick up the child unless I have a copy of a court order restricting visitation.

You can request a conference with me to discuss your child’s progress.

Please review the monthly calendar. Read all handouts, and newsletters to ensure you are aware of upcoming dates, events changes or that may occur.   

Termination of the agreement 

Child Care services will be terminated if one or more of the following occur:

Your account is continuously delinquent or past due

Failure to honor the obligations listed in the contract, the handbook that was
 provided to you before enrollment, any letters that I may send home, 
or manuals provided to you.

We are unable to meet the needs of your child.

It is in Stacey Quezada best interest and the daycare children’s 
best interests that are enrolled to have your child not attend Creative kids Daycare.

Development Screening Requirement:
Development screening are done every 6 – months a year. All parents must participate in the Development screening as part of my program for the quality counts program that in involved in. The dates will be provided a minimum of 2 weeks in advance and must be done during daycare hours that are provided. This is a free screening for all families. Failure to participate will result in termination.  

Biting Behavior: If a child bites another child for any reason for up to 2 times. The 3rd time will warrant immediate termination. I do report all biting incidents to licensing as require by law. No refunds will be given of any tuition will be given if your child is causing pain or harm for any reason to another child. Personal rights have been violated and termination will be enforced.

Failure to cooperate in cases that I determine that it is serious enough to warrant termination.

Upon termination all tuition that is not paid to date plus late fees must be paid immediately.

If you are terminated from Creative Kids Daycare/Preschool due to any of the above reasons you will be liable for tuition not paid up to date, any late fees that have not been paid, In addition if I need to proceed to collect through the court system all courts costs involved in this matter including attorney fees will paid by the All parties who signed the contract.  

Food and meals

It is your responsibility to ensure that we are aware of any food allergies your child may have.

All children must enroll in the USDA’s Childcare food program (CCFP) at the time of registration. This program is available to everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, region, or handicap.

The food provided will be nutritious and well balanced in accordance with the CCFP.

Infant formula is provided only if you are on the food program and meet all guidelines. I Provide Kirkland signature formula for children under 1 year of age.  If you do not prefer this formula you have the right to buy your own formula or use breast milk. It is a requirement of the CCFP that all formula be iron fortified. Infants are kept to their own feeding schedule. It is your responsibility to inform us of any formula/food changes.

Mealtimes are as follows:
For children 1 year and up
Breakfast or Am snack 8:30 – 9:15
Lunch: 11:30 - 12:30 
Snack: 3:00 - 3:15  p.m
Dinner 6:00 pm

Babies are on their own schedules
Clothing and supplies.

A.Parents are responsible for your child to be properly dressed for the type of day before arriving.

B.Parents are responsible to provide two extra change of clothing for each child. Any item brought from home must be properly labeled with the child’s name. We are not responsible for lost items.

C.Children may NOT bring toys or food from home. 

D.The day before your child starts daycare please arrange to drop off the following items.

*One standard size crib sheet (for sleeping cot or mini Crib) 
*1 sleeve/package of Diapers
*A box of Wipes
*Formula if you’re declining my brand
*4 Bottles and liner if your bottle needs them
*Breast milk or formula if you do not plan on using mine formula  
*Desitin or Diaper rash cream of your choice (if child is in diapers)
*Spare clothing including socks
*summer time Swim suit and towel, water shoes, swim diapers, 

Parents may choose to pay each month, or provide diapers and wipes on a regular basis. * Sheets and blankets will remain here and will be laundered weekly until your child leaves my care.

*Earthquake Kits*

Earthquake Kits are a very important part of your child’s life if there would be an earthquake while your child’s here in daycare. I can not properly take care of your child in an earthquake unless I have their earthquake supplies ready to go. Please provide a backpack and include all items listed for your child’s age group.  

“For Children newborn to age 12 months”
2 sets of clothing with socks
2 blankets
Bottles enough for 1 day supply  
Bottle Waters enough for 1 day supply and cleaning
1 Spoon
Bibs for eating
A toy or 2 and picture 
Diapers enough for 1 day 
Wipes 1 pack
Pacifier if your child needs one

For children 12 months to 5 year”
1 set of Clothing including socks 
Thin Blanket
Diapers 1 day supply if your child needs them 
Wipes 1 pack for cleaning 
4 pairs Underwear if you child is potty trained
“Food for 1 day supply” This food is a suggestion
Fruit snacks, Multi grain bar, health bars, canned fruit, small bag of rice, canned beans, canned vegetables. 
Canned food with pop top lids help
Capri sun
Small cup
6 bottle waters “A must” 
A toy or 2 if you can fit it in. A picture of the family.