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Our daughter has been with Creative Kids Daycare since she was 2 months old. As a parent you want to make sure you leave your child in a safe, loving, and positive environment. During my interviews with other daycares my gut said, ‘no this isn’t the place for my daughter’, but as soon as I walked into Creative Kids Daycare (Stacey and Robert’s home) I knew this IS the place. It gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. My first day back to work was easy, knowing Stacey would care for my daughter. Now Leila is almost 2 and a half and has grown beautifully with the help of Stacey.

~Rebekah (Leila’s Mama)

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We loved Creative Kids Daycare.  Leah started with Stacey at 2 months old, unfortunately my husband was laid off and we had to take Leah out of daycare at 6 months old.  Then we moved to Colorado a few months later.  Creative kids daycare was a fun, safe and clean environment for our daughter.  We knew Leah was well taken care of.  Stacey is very knowledgeable about children and was always able to help us is we had developmental or health questions.  Stacey's family was warm and welcoming.  Stacey was very creative with monthly calenders of daily activities.  We also liked that Stacey did field trips including holiday pictures with Santa Claus.  My family cannot say enough about Creative Kids Daycare.  We are sure your family will love it as much as we did!
Sarah & Mark 

Stacey and Robert Quezada provide a nurturing, structured home day care situation for infants and toddlers.  Stacey cares for the children as if they are her family, and takes pride in sharing the individual developmental milestones she sees them making while in her care with parents.The children she cares for get the right balance of rest and stimulation, and she encourages creative play.  Though my children are in school now, they fondly remember their days with Stacey and relish opportunities to spend time with her at the family reunions.
Our son started at Creative Kid’s Daycare at 2 ½ months, as first time parents we were very nervous about leaving him in the care of someone outside of our family. We visited many other daycare centers and were not impressed, Stacey was our last interview and as they say “we saved the best for last”. Jayden gets so excited to go to daycare in the morning and he is always talking about Stacey and the other children. He has learned so much from Creative Kids Daycare, We cannot thank Stacey and Robert enough for caring for Jayden.

                                  -Kenneth and Summer Monroe

We placed our son with Stacey at Creative Kids Daycare when he was 10 weeks old.  From the day we met Stacey and visited her home, we immediately knew that we were making the right decision for our child. Stacey has a special way with babies and helps get them on a schedule with eating and sleeping.  She tracks their daily progress in a report that you receive at the end of the day.  She is focused on creative play and has lots of age-appropriate toys and often changes her room around to encourage more creative play.  She is very interactive with the children and they love Stacey!  I would highly recommend Creative Kids Daycare and Stacey Quezada.   -Kathy Hansen
Our daughter, Madison, started with Creative Kids Daycare when she was about 6 months old. My husband and I were very impressed from the moment we met Stacey. We were confident we were making the right choice. Madison thrived in Stacey's care. It was wonderful to get the daily reports, we were able to see how she was doing throughout the day. We had to move away in January, but finding care like the care we found at Creative Kids Daycare was not easy. If we ever move back to the area, we hope that Stacey will have room for Madison and her future siblings.
Xiomara & Jeremy
(Maddie's parents)


Thank you so much for taking care of Amaila everyday (almost.) I know everyday she looked forward to coming over to your house and spending the day with not only her good friends (especially the babies) but with you and your family. You were a very important part of year life experiences and it was comforting to know that she was in such “good hands” everyday. We couldn’t have ever found a better place for her to grow up for almost 1 year of her life time. We wish you and your family all the best!!

Roger, Ina and Amaila  

My son Dash began attending Creative Kids Daycare before he was 6  
months old. After touring many in-home daycares I knew that he would  
be right at home with Stacey the very first day we walked through her  
door. The main play area is what I call "magical" as it changes once a  
month. At the begining of each month Stacey redecorates the entire  
playroom with new toys, play type structures and fun galore. The first  
time I remember seeing a "new month" in the making I thought to myself  
"Wow, I wish I could play here everyday!" She feeds the children all  
home-cooked meals from meatloaf and broccoli to maccroni and cheese  
and bananas to my son's favorite her yummy lasanga. To top that all  
off she keeps an immaculate house, is super super organized and LOVES  
her babies and toddlers alike. I would reccommend her to anyone I know  
as I am confident that she is a most wonderful and special caregiver.

J Rudkin ô}

We were thrilled with the level of care our daughter received at Creative Kids Day Care. Our daughter had stayed home with my husband until she was just under 1 year old, and we were nervous about bringing her into part time day care. Stacey is extremely organized; she explained everything from color-coding the children's cups, utensils and dishes, to the day's typical schedule during our initial visit. Our daughter has food allergies, and Stacey took the time to really research and learn to prevent our daughter from becoming sick. We are pretty particular about our daughter's nutrition, and Stacey was flexible to alleviate our concerns. 

The facility is great: a very large, light-filled room that Stacey rearranges and reconfigures often so it doesn't get boring for the kids and a nice backyard with tons of toys and play structures. She fills out detailed daily progress reports on what the kids ate, how they slept and diaper activity. The drop off/pick up process is computerized; parents are required to sign them in and out. She has a full schedule of activities each month to continually expose the kids to new adventures and activities. The family has parties so we and the other parents can get to know each other.

Lucia thrived with Stacey and her friends at Creative Kids Day Care. On the days she goes over there, she excitedly tells me everyone's name and who she's going to see. She absolutely loves Stacey, her husband Robert and their daughter Dominique. I highly recommend Creative Kids Day care. 

Heather Hansen, parent of Lucia, age 26 months

Our son Evan attended Creative Kids day care from the age of 9 months to 2.5 years.  We we felt truly fortunate to find such a loving environment for our first child.  Stacey provided a creative and stimulating atmosphere for the children.  She made a point to entirely change the main room of the day care each month with a new theme.  She didn't just decorate the walls, she actually brought in different furniture and play things to reflect the season/holidays.

Stacey is very attentive to the needs and temperament of each child adjusts her care of the children accordingly, as well as works with the parents.  Over time we came to feel like we were a part of their family and part of larger community with parents of the other children that Stacey has cared for past and present.  Our son thrived in the environment, and made lasting friendships.    

By the time our second child came along, and Stacey was able to accommodate her, we knew she would receive excellent care.  That proved to be the case, as Stacey worked with Caroline on some feeding and sleeping issues.

We feel like we won the lottery by finding Stacey and Creative Kids Day Care.


John & Katie Pandes

When our son, Yuan, was 5 months old, we sent him to Creative Kids Daycare as a temporary child care solution before he could get a space in a daycare center close to my home. Several  months later, we withdrew from the waiting list of that daycare center, and felt so lucky to find a right place for him. At the first visit, Stacey’s daycare impressed me with its cleanness and being well-organized. The children’s cups, spoons, etc. are color-coded to avoid spreading the germs. (We have noticed one side effect of the color-coding -- almost all the kids know the colors by 20 month or so.) Stacey is a loving person. 
She is very professional, always patient with the kids, and
open to adjustment to fit each child’s special needs. Our son didn’t eat well when he just started. Stacey fed him 4 times during the day to make sure he got enough nutrition. She is also an expert on infant development and preparing age-appropriate activities. She introduced the sippy cup, spoons and potty-training to my son before we, the first time parent, even thought about it. In Stacey's daycare,alphabet, colors, numbers, fun art projects are taught according to the kids' development. She also takes the older kids to the story time in the library and invites music teacher to give music lessons weekly.
Thanks to Stacey, when our son started going to a preschool at
2.5-year-old, he adjusted to the new school in a week. We would highly recommend Stacey’s daycare.


Stacey is a loving, caring and fun daycare provider. 

 My daughter loved Stacey from the very start. 

Stacey is attentive and almost like a second mom to the kids that are in her care and that is why I always felt safe and comfortable leaving my daughter with her. 

 I completely trust her and enjoyed our time with her. 


Our daughter started Creative Kids Daycare when she was 1 year old and stayed with Stacey when she started preschool.  As first time parents we were very nervous about leaving her at the care of a stranger.  We visited almost all the home daycares in Redwood City, and for one reason or another we were not impressed.   My first reaction when I entered Stacey's house was "wow." She made us take off our shoes and her place was so clean and organized .  She had a lot space, toys, books and a great backyard.  She had all her certificates and told us everything about her place, philosophy and goals.    At that point there was no doubt in our minds that she was the right person for our daughter.   Our daughter is now 3.5 and she still asks for Stacey.  She loved Stacey, Robert and Dominique.  Dominique still babysits for us and this should speak for itself . They are a wonderful and loving family.   We feel lucky that we had them in our lives and our daughters lives.  


Rita and Allen Meadows  

My son has been in Stacey's care for 7 months now. Stacey runs a structured and well organized daycare. I'm informed about everything my son does during the day, including how much he eats, how long he napped, and what kind of mood he was in throughout the day. I am completely comfortable leaving him in Stacey's care and I whole heartedly feel that he is well cared for. More importantly, the environment Stacey provides is happy and nurturing. My son is excited when I drop him off and is always happy and playful when I pick him up. Stacey and her family are kind and loving to all of the kids and there is no doubt that my son loves and trusts them. This makes me thankful everyday that I found her!

 Crystal Gilfillan