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Will be closing October 16, 2019 and Relocating to Lincoln California

License # 414002809
Philosophy and Goals

Creative Kids Day Care is a Licensed home based childcare program for children newborns through 3 years of age. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy and loving environment for your child to learn and grow. In this atmosphere we will provide a positive learning environment with inspiring activities where your children will enjoy learning at there individual pace. 

We believe each experience a child is exposed to is a learning experience in itself. We encourage each child to reach their fullest potential. 

We believe children learn through hands - on experiences through their involvement in age appropriate activities. 

We understand the precious gift you are entrusting us with.We look forward to getting to know your child and building a special relationship with your family. We are here to support your family by giving your child love, affection and guidance while you are away.

Creative Kids Daycare was established in July of 2002 as a small license home daycare, In February 2014. we were approved by the City of Redwood City and Department of Social Services to be a large home daycare. Currently I have decide to downsize from a large to a small home daycare. .  

I now serve children 12 months to age 3 years of age.  

Creative Kids Daycare is a high quality home daycare with a peace of mind that your child will be cared for with love, compassion and respectable care givers.

Creative Kids Daycare involves each child in age appropriate activities. For infant which include Mastering Milestone by age group. We will work with each child with self -regulations, social interaction skills, language development, preliteracy knowledge and skills, premathematics knowlege and skills, motor development and health and safety.

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Stacey's term of President ended June 30,2011 of the San Mateo County Child Care Association since June 2008.